Our Fees

At the initial meeting your adviser will introduce themselves and the firm to you and provide you with a business card with their contact details. Your adviser will also provide and discuss the appropriate Client Agreement.


Our initial discussion is free of charge with no obligation. 


For any aspect of our financial planning all actual charges and fees will be fully disclosed to you. We will not charge you until we have discussed your payment options and agreed with you how we are to be paid. We will also let you know if there are any other costs that might arise in connection with the services we provide to you.


Mortgage Planning Fees

You can pay for our mortgage services by:


  1. Commission from the mortgage lender (where this is available)
  2. A combination of fee and commission from the mortgage lender


Paying By Commission from the lender (where available)

No fee is charged directly to you for our mortgage services. We will receive a commission from your chosen mortgage lender. The amount we receive will be disclosed on the Key Facts Illustrations you will receive relating to your chosen mortgage.


Paying by a combination of fee and commission from the lender

Our minimum charge for our mortgage services is £750 payable when you apply for a mortgage. We will receive a commission from the mortgage lender. If the commission we earn from the lender covers the cost of our fee, no additional fee will be charged to you, however if the commission is less than £750, we will charge you a fee to make up the difference.


The minimum fee may be waived in certain circumstances, for example, if all meetings take place in our office or you are an existing client.


Example based on a £100,000 mortgage application

  • Commission = £350
  • £750 (our minimum fee) - £350 = £400
  • £400 is charged directly to you


You will receive a key facts illustration when considering a particular mortgage which will tell you about any fees relating to it.


If we charge you a fee, and your mortgage does not go ahead, you will receive:

  •  A full refund if we have not carried out any research/processing on your behalf.
  • No refund if we have carried out credit searches/research/product options and sourced a suitable mortgage provider.


‘Price is what you pay.  Value is what you get’ - Warren Buffett